Patient Testimonials

People in Donegal get great results under our care and we are grateful to be have been a part helping them achieve their health goals.


Initial symptoms: Sore and stiff lower back "Chiropractic care relieved my back pain and stiffness immediately and also improved my energy levels and mood.”


Initial symptoms: Back trouble and not feeling well
"From the very first treatment i felt great, i just cant explain it. My circulation is much better and i feel good in myself. My husband can see the change in me too.”


inital symptoms: Sore all over after playing golf
"I am no much more aware of posture and balance. My golf has improved in 2 ways, my balance and swing have really improved, they are more natural. I am able to play with very little discomfort and i believe my physical and mental health have improved.”


initial symptoms: Lower back pain
"my back feels much stronger and a lot less pain. I have fewer painful flare-ups.”


initial symptoms: back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain
"I feel better all over and would recommend Chiropractic to anyone.”

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